Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lenny Mac Dowell (FM Leinert) is back with Bird Watching fusion from 1982

I talked in earlier posts how annoying the commercial Hawaiian music sound can be, and we have a great example here with track A5.

This is very very light fusion, fuzak as my friend calls it.  Mac Dowell's magnum opus was "Balance of Power" and luckily was released on CD so as far as I know is readily awailable, and I posted an earlier LP called "Airplay" here.  We are far from the seventies in spirit here, the song called "Birdwatching" has none of the delicatesse and beauty one would have expected after listening for example to "Jocs D'Ocells" but in fact is about a creepy guy looking at females with a hint of voyeurism.  Sigh.

Anybody need the lossless?  (lol)
How odd that Balance of Power came two years after this one.  The search goes on, as we say here...


  1. birdwatching
    balance of power

  2. thanks for these i almost got lenny a contract here with arista in the sarly 80s