Monday, 23 March 2015

Jan Reimer's 1984 Escape from a Fairy-Tale

One must admit the statuelike cover is artistically beautiful, although I would have preferred at least one of the faces to have been of a female physiognomy, I suppose we can't always expect perfection here...  nor do we, in the case of this music, get it.

This is 'healing guitar music' as my friend always calls it, acoustic guitar meanderings through folk and classical fugues, etc.  As usual in these cases it's a mixed bag, with bluesy elements, sarabandes, Brazilian imports (Manha De Carneval), etc.

Of the self-composed melodies, the most beautiful is surely the title track with its melancholy E minor (I would have wished a different key or at least a capo, but oh well):

Note that this guitarist made a handful of records that are databased here, all starting with this one.


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