Friday, 27 March 2015

Germany in 1980 with the fusion album FAUN [No Download Available-- sorry]

We were hoping for something outrageous with the shocking cover art: a helllish and porno-grade-tailed faun branding his name on a high-heeled woman's butt in (?) red blood-- but it is altogether disappointingly easy fusion, fuzak with funkishness (fusunkzak, I guess we could appropriately term this ugly hybrid), such as we can find in the millions in this era in time, like trilobites in the cambrian.  Some very proficient musicianship, but only one track to appeal to the progressive aficionado and that one is called "November" with its opening oh-so-exciting and encouraging synth tritonal attack, there is enough dissonance in the initial riff to perk up our jaded ears instantly, recalling famed Exil-Fusionen, then a whole tone scale topped with thirds builds interest but by the time the electric guitarist plays his solo there is very little momentum to carry through 7 minutes to the generic fusion finale:

Don't be too excited by the above, obviously, it's the peak of this performance, and the lower latitudes are really just a pedestrian, car-friendly zone of big city boxes, walmarts,drug and liquor stores, strip malls, and other such platitudes of modern life...  I don't believe it's worth the going price, however high that might be owing to its rarity, which my poor friend was caught red-handed dishing out to his and our communal disappointments.  I nonetheless thank him and the gods of prog for my luck in hearing this LP, curious as I was when I first saw the cover some years back.  As I am merely a worshipper (and sacrificial lamb sometimes) in this pantheon, I am not permitted to share with you anything more-- other than the not important news of its mediocrity.

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