Tuesday, 3 March 2015

CBO 613's Mono 10-inch of the Industial Espionage Suite ("Trip to The Mars") by the famous Roland Kovac

I am so very pleased to be offering you this outstanding composition in advanced jazz big band mode, by Roland Kovac from his early days, 1968 to be specific.  A very atmospheric and interesting almost poetic title with the Mars mention perfectly describes the sheer interest of his composition.

Again we have to thank that same record collector of rare library material who shared the Mean and Dirty record and who owns the actual vinyl with its amazingly well-positioned grooves that hit by the diamond needle produce in us such an ecstasy, those of us, like you who read this, who love music more than anything else.  For this little piece is surely a treasure....

Here's the opening:

Note the unfortunate James Bond reference, which I thought a bit gratuitous.  But others may think it's a nice, well-integrated homage, brief as it is.

An ebay seller:

Now this is one of the "big" Library albums.... Issued in 1968 on Harmonic LP CBO LP 613 as "Industrial Espionage Suite" by Roland Kovac this later found fame as the soundtrack to "Trip To the Mars" which is itself a very collectable soundtrack, but it started life on Harmonic and is incredibly rare. It's also fantastic and could easily have been the soundtrack to a classic Bond film. The musicians, as per usual, aren't credited but it's known that Jimmy Deuchar, Derek Humble & Cliff Hardy were involved in the session. These 10" LPs were pressed in minute quantities, often as few as 50, and if a track or two took off then they might get reissued on a 12" LP but it is the 10" issues that are the true originals. The disc is in near mint condition and plays great. It has a plain card sleeve (not unusual for library LPs of this vintage) A rare opportunity to pick up a seriously rare slice of vinyl. Feel free to ask questions. I am happy to ship anywhere on the planet and operate a no-quibble refund policy.

From our beloved popsike: (Note the low price)

Industrial espionage suite : Roland Kovac
Brull CBO 613, UK, 1968

Big one here ! This is the 10 inch issue of "trip to the Mars" from 1968.... Included 11 tracks of the Saba lp (no names tracks but with blue dance !) from the Kovac session with Jimmy Deuchar (Trumpet), Cliff Hardy (trombone), Derek Humble (Alto), Charlie Drewo (tenor), Johnny Fisher (bass), Francis Coppetiers (piano), Jimmy Pratt (drums), Stuff Combe (percussion). 


  1. industrial espionage:

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    If someone can clean up the scratches, we would really appreciate it

  3. Holy crap! A new Kovac!!! You da man!


  4. Charles Brull is always appreciated and warmly accepted :0

    Thank you, Julian!

  5. I'll D/L it and see what I can do about cleaning it up a bit for you.

  6. OK, here is your Kovac cleaned, all of the tracks tagged, and the correct front album cover added. Enjoy it with my compliments: