Saturday, 14 March 2015

Gelmetti,Luciani,Turicoli - Nature Et Montagne (Sonimage ‎– SI 802)

While scanning the Luciani discography I came across this album with appealing titles relating to European sights.  Subject lines include the Dolomites (big disappointment for us, just some mountains, and not very tall either), Cypres (are we allowed to go there still??  don't get into any arguments with the locals!), Muletier Corse (no desire to visit Napoleon's hometown, wasn't he pretty much the French Hitler?), Vendanges (are you kidding-- French wines are the worst in the world!! only old men with no taste buds still drink that stuff, and even their worst vintages are overpriced), Cimes (let's all hang out with some eurotrash ski bunnies? sure, sorry, but I'll be in Colorado myself, where the women know how to shave, or, in the best cases, wax), etc., etc...  I was particularly curious about his treatment of the Chateau de la Loire (A2) (magnificent, recommended to all):

Unfortunately it's a little too baroque for my taste, unlike the superb compositions of the earlier Aspetti della Natura.  Having said this, there are some interesting pieces.  The B3 Glaciers of Gelmetti is one:

Too bad said glaciers will be all gone in a couple of decades thanks to European inaction in the climate change department.  We'll see what happens in Paris this fall with moving forward on cutting greenhouse gases as opposed to government spokesperson gases.

A disappointment not to discover a gem like the aforementioned treasure.  But the hunt continues.


  1. luciani nature et montagne

    for all you lossless lovers:

  2. Any Sonimage is a prize, as far as I'm concerned... especially one this early!

  3. What that Howard guy said. AND...I AM a Baroque fan, so anything along those lines is doubly appreciated. Thanks, Julian!