Friday, 24 July 2015

A. R. Luciani: Eau. Mer. Profondeur-- finally a complete and lossless !

I guess there are already four records I posted from this amazing composer (Eventi, Divertissement Baroque, Nature et Montagne and the amazing Aspetti).  He was very prolific however and it's doubtful we will see the end of them.  Without more ado then here's another very classically-influenced record which was available in truncated form earlier.  At least it was enough that it convinced me I had to buy a copy of this to hear the totality in its enlightening glory.  The two sides are somewhat different, with the first being mainly full-on orchestral borrowings from classical composers (the Rite of Spring makes an odd appearance with polytonality on one track) while side two is much more accessible featuring harp or vibraphonal backgrounds and chamber or woodwind instruments playing melodies above.

Example, Lumiere sur la mer, which showcases the always-plaintive melancholy sound of the oboe atop a harp and synthesizer or electric piano, thereafter building more with flutes and strings. Really quite gorgeous, and as I said multiply in the past, the sort of stuff I wish were played in concert halls throughout the world instead of the usual old boring programme that draws such apocalyptic hordes of hearing-aid-eared nonagenarians whom I often see drinking the cream from the tiny little free cups they place beside the sugar for those who buy cheap coffee...  such is old age (and mine and everyone's future), I guess...


  1. lossless:


  2. Wow, what a positively amazing and unexpected score!