Tuesday, 28 July 2015

More Library: Bruno Nicolai, Alessandroni e altri in Rebus 1971 [SR ST 125]

As you can see not a cheap album as is so often the case with these Italian libraries (a copy is on sale for 375 euros should you be fanatic enough to seek out the LP), this one features Bruno Nicolai and the incomparable and prolific Alessandroni whose guitar poetry album I once ripped long ago.  The music is quite modern classical with atmospheric effects such as you'd have found on Hitchcock soundtracks with dark imaginings and mysterious effects.  Overall, not the best Alessandroni or Nicolai, but well worth hearing, especially considering the early year of 1971.

A review to be found online:

Anyone exploring Italian library music should be aware of two great labels, Gemelli and the associated imprint Sermi. These labels released a series of amazing library music and cult soundtrack recordings during the 1970s including many of Bruno Nicolai’ scores to cult Italian sexploitation, horror and Mondo films, as well as the phenomenal output of experimental composer Egisto Macchi. Represented here we have a various artist album titled Rebus, a selection of very dark psychedelic thriller themes suitable for soundtracking a “Giallo’ style film. With a bit of research I’m sure these tracks could be identified as the score to an Italian crime or horror exploitation film(s). Most of the Gemelli and Sermi LPs are housed in extra thick sleeves with stunning graphic design making them a choice object for collectors. Another album on the Sermi label worthy of attention is the amazingly beautiful recording, Prisma Sonoro by Alessandro Alessandroni.

Then again, taste is so different for everyone when it comes to music...  as I notice every time I turn on the radio...  I wonder when I will be hearing Bruno Nicolai's Tra sogno e vita, track 2, on the local radio station...