Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Other Sailor Band I mentioned, requested... from USA 1976

And now for a complete change in direction.

I almost forgot about this one, which someone requested when I mentioned the other, rare and expensive, fusion 1974 Sailor album.  This one is totally different in style, country-rock with a west-coast sunshine feel.  Some of the tracks are extremely endearing.  It's tragic that this record has been lost to time and fans.  My favourite, I Looked Around You,

Dig those gorgeous harmony vocals and that cool seventies vibe: and get that old surfboard on top of your stationwagon...


  1. sailor 2

  2. PS
    More library, Synthronics from Boneschi:

    and reup by request of Zauner Narciss:

  3. many thanks! lossless please?