Saturday, 11 July 2015

Jean-Pierre Martin - Voyages et Paysages from 1984

Of course in the same series as the gorgeous Dominique Guiot albums L'univers de la mer, and La dame a la licorne I presented to you earlier, from Auvidis, with the always beautiful circular picture in the bottom right corner, this is fairly typical straightforward gentle French library music with not much pushiness.  Some information here.

Note the beautiful track, Irisee:

Stay tuned next I'll be serving up his album from 1982, Flute et guitare.


  1. Sorry for the delay since returning from holidays now I have computer problems... why, but why are windows computers so ineptly built and crash all the time??? One of the enduring mysteries of our times...
    martin voyages

  2. They crash all the time because all computer equipment is now made in Asian slave factories, and designed for quick profit turnaround, and not for endurance.
    They figure, by the time a component crashes, the next one will be so much BETTER, you won't even miss it.
    Anyway, thank you! I didn't have this Auvidis.
    I'll spread the word!

  3. Super library share, thanks very much Julian

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    1. after years of using and getting familiar with the windows OS it's impossible for me as an oldster to get used to the differences with mac, that's the other annoying aspect, my wife's mac is just an exercise in frustration