Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Liberty Bros. No Time Lasts Forever from USA 1977

A Texas mixed rock album that required an upgrade, another that the (no longer?) mighty osurec ripped once long ago.  In fact I bought it from him and paid 170 dollars for it-- recouping a mere $50 when I resold it at a later date-- demonstrating what a great businessman I am...

Some of this album is quite ordinary, particularly the entirety of the second side, e.g. "I've got the reds-- it's different than the blues" [-- ouch!]  But you can't help but pay attention when within a minute of the first track you hear the heavenly strains of the string-mellotron playing background angel, and that guardian angel keeps popping up throughout.  Thus, a somewhat or rather very uneven album, that seemingly wanted to have its multi-styled pop cake and eat it too, with hard rock songs, ballads, acoustic numbers, etc., and a nod to an ELO-type faux-classical admixture (Two AM):

It doesn't quite have the punch of "Mr. Blue Sky" for sure.  I guess as a whole this reminds me a lot of Klaatu's Beatles-inspired art rock.

And as you look at those band member photos, note the Robert Plant lookalike on the left and the Tom Selleck-like guy second from the right... man those seventies were fun...