Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Gianni Marchetti's stunning work Solstitium from 1978

Wow, wow, wow... again thanks to my library collector friend for these incredible goodies and it's by his permission I can post an mp3 rip here.

Marchetti was another prolific composer in this era for Italian film as per discogs:  born 7 September 1933 in Rome, Italy, died 11 April 2012 in Rome.  The missing RCA April Orchestra, no. 15, is from him.  Notice he made three records in this fabulous year 1978 (at the ripe age of 45!) including Iris and Gimmick.  I'm assuming, on the strength of this one, those are well worth finding and ripping.  Anybody know anything about them?

It may be some find this record veers too much in the direction of easy listening such as became a joke in the seventies being termed elevator music or muzak, but here it's done so tastefully it's really beyond reproach.  And luckily those days are distant enough today we can judge these styles with perhaps a bit less bias.  Generally we have orchestral passages augmented by solo piano passages, much like the classic US Herb Pilhofer's Spaces.

Consider the out-of-this-world beauty of the track named "August" (each track is named after a month in keeping with the solstice concept):

Now behold the beauty of "December:"

I remember someone making a comment once long ago with regards to these seventies library LPs, "you never hear piano being played like this anymore."

That truly goes to the heart of the matter.


  1. Thanks to my friend for sharing this with everyone.
    Btw stay tuned, there will be more rare Gianni coming soon!

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  4. Thanks Julian - it's great to have the opportunity to hear this record. I wish you and the rest of us the best of luck in unearthing April Orchestra 15...

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  6. Thanks Julian, looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

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