Saturday, 26 March 2016

Marx, Rootschilt, Tillermann & Amby in the lost Spielgefährten from 1983


I earlier posted one of their albums, their best actually, with the huge mega-hit Colder Winds.  Today's is the only one I didn't already have and I was curious about it due to the addition of Amby, who made such a progressive appearance on the Saar compilation.  In any case, I reposted all the albums in question at that time (links still active, I checked).  Today in 1983, recorded in 1982, it seems Amby has lost the crazy progressive spirit...

I will present to you the best composition as an assessment of the overall quality of the whole, which by my estimation is Tillermann's Thalia which you will find in the A7 position:

As always, the harmony vocals are done to perfection throughout.  I understand they are still performing to this day in Germany.

After today I'm going to move away from the endless library record tedium into something totally different, the college jazz bands.  In these records there is always some novelty and interesting twist owing to the youth and energy of these outfits combined with the experience of the leaders.  (In this vein I earlier posted the Northern Illinois Jazz Ensemble.)  For a change.