Monday, 28 March 2016

The Humber College Jazz Ensemble in 1977's First Take

From wiki:

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is a polytechnic college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This record is squarely in the big band tradition, unfortunately, with very little of the progressive spirit that was such a part of the seventies.  Given that we are dealing with students here, not so surprising, though Northern Illinois University was pretty fusionary as we saw earlier.

I'll go with Are You Ready (a Ted Pease composition) as the most listenable track here:

Their next album, however, was really good, coming Wednesday.


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  2. I never got the Oswald D'Andrea LP the first time around so thanks very much for the reupload, Julian!
    This Humber College Jazz is pretty good. Thanks again!

  3. Any hope for a re-up, please ?


  5. I can't believe it ! You're so fast! I'm speechless! Thank you !