Friday, 18 March 2016

Paul Bonneau & Orchestre Symphonique Léger De Paris in Orchestral Touch No. 1 (MTS 2.001/2)

In very elegant French the following, written by Mr. Bonneau:

"Light Symphonic Music! 

Between her and I there has always reigned a long and intimate complicity.
I admit I couldn't resist her solicitations and attachments, at the least, I have always sought to serve her with the best I have."

I was hoping by light orchestral we were moving along the lines of easy listening of yore, but instead this is more euro-operetta style.

Note that this is a double-LP.


  1. Another never seen before! Thank you!

  2. Hi Julian, Thanks a lot for all your uploads but could you PLEASE not use the service you are using for this upload? It is ridden with malware and puts all sort of pages on my computer that require a restart and a full system scan to remove everything and get things back to normal. Plus half the time it will not download the actual item you have listed. This one for example only gives an error message, regardless of via direct download or torrent download. It's not just your site, but any site that uses Netkups. Do you have a different link for this? Thanks.

  3. wow! really?
    I don't like netkups myself, we used to use it a lot... no more!
    but my sendspace is surely getting expensive, due to volumes...

    1. Yep. I first started noticing the problem on a different site. Mainly it opens up a page that can only be removed via a restart and if you call the number that it tells you to call "to remove the viruses they found in one's system" you rwach one of those places that immediately goes into your computer and then charges you to fix the problem (It's an India based scam on which there were many articles a year ago. Basically they hold your computer hostage until you pay them a minimum required fee of around $200). They get into your computer via the phone when one calls I think (or via the webpage that one cannot remove without a restart). In any case the link will open up the pages with all sorts of unspecified "download" tabs (none of which appear to actually download this album) so at least on my end this cannot be downloaded.

  4. Thank you Julian, never seen a MTS from the 2000 series.

    p.s. on my end (a Mac machine) everything is fine, easy and fast with the download. It might be a Win issue.

  5. Re Netkups et al.: Jdownloader is a free, handy download tool to bypass those sites alltogether. Just add the link to Jdownloader and the programm will do the rest, incl. the handling of captchas. Very useful for managing subscriptions too.

  6. No download issues from here, either. Still working my way through the April Orchestra posts, which is some incredible stuff. Some not so incredible, but... Anyway, thanks again.

  7. I can't DL at all, any browser, using NetKups

  8. Zippyshare is a good service

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  10. hi
    is it possible to re upload the link please
    thank you very much