Wednesday, 2 March 2016

April Orchestra Part VI.ii: From Volume 53 to the bitter end...

There are seventeen left here after Volume 52, from 53 through till the end at 69; however, volumes unavailable thus far include 55, 56, 61, 62, 63, 66 (a percussion album). So I have 11 to present today some of which, or perhaps the majority of which, will be very disappointing.

Quickly, Vol. 53 from Morati is simple electronic and drony music such as doesn't appeal to me at all.  Rimbert's 54 is minimal synth that horrifically reminds me of the concurrent Olivia Newton-John aerobics phase of jumping up and down to ultra-basic beats.  58 is simple classical similar to the 52 I presented earlier, 59 is folk music from S. America again of no interest to me.  60 is the easiest kind of baroque classical with violin-played melodies, oddly annoying.  The series of missing volumes in the sixties from 61-63 could be interesting.  On the other hand volumes 64 and 65 are not even worthy of mention, despite the fact Milpatte reappears on the latter.

Yet I suppose it was a good idea to attempt to complete the series out as there were two mini-gems lurking hidden in this installment: Frederic Talgorn's Volume 57 with its surprisingly zeuhl-influenced progressive compositions, and the 68 Impressions de Voyage from Steve Shehan.  This was his first work released, at least in this database, yet his discography continues on for some time as you can see. The music therein is described as tribal, ambient, minimal or electronic, but here we can still detect the slight influence of more advanced compositions.

First, from Talgorn's 57, here's the oddly perhaps zeuhly titled track Ladnophaxi:

Then from Shehan's 68 consider the first track, called Fever:

Finally, appropriately enough perhaps, the series closes out with some digital keys music from Patrick Vasori that will take you straight back to those horrible casio days with fake drums and loud echoey A minor chords punctuating the choppy melodies.

In the entire series (of 85) the missing ones are twenty: the volumes 10 (Indes), 11 (Classical), 12 (Classical), 14 (baroque easy), 17 (phillie), the Czech classical ones 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, then 33 and 35 which are available already musically on other records, and in this series, 55, 56, 61, 62, 63, and 66.  In the Italian RCA series there is the No. 15.  Given the descriptions, and often, samples posted on youtube, there is little desire on my part to obtain any of those missing.


  1. Vol. 53 (Morati)

    54 (Rimbert)

    57 (Frederic Talgorn, recommended)

    58 (Baroque Suites)

    59 (folk from Andes)

    60 (String Section)


    65 (Milpatte)

    67 (Groovy melody)

    68 (Steve Shehan, recommended)

    69 (The last, fittingly, Fruits of Passion with Patrick Vasori)

    And that's it...

    1. the missing 62 is here

    2. missing 56 is here:

  2. amazing! thank you - you're a mensch!

  3. Hi Julian.
    Just found your blog through Ezhevika fields. Amazing.
    Any chance of a reupload of Steve Shehan?
    Many thanks.
    Jan (Netherlands)

    1. the download for steve shehan should be working still?
      thanks for comment

    2. Yes. You're right. Don't know what went wrong the first time.
      Thanks Julian.