Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Humber College Jazz Ensemble On the Way to Montreux, also from 1977

On this record they are thankfully far more adventurous compared to the previous grab bag of old and stale standards.  In fact if you compare the opening track Basin Street Blues here and formerly you'll see they venture into some pretty funky territory this time out or second take.  The best track occurs in the middle of the second side with a composition by one Jaxon Stock called Jacob's Tailor, & here it is:

Check out the clear classical European education here from the composer, who doesn't appear anywhere elsewhere,  with an initial woodwinds Debussy influence, progressing with the polytonal chord patterns into a Stravinsky score.  And listen to the phenomenal ending that modulates into D, with the bass tuba playing the bottom note.  Really, really, stunning, coming from something so unknown...

More college band music to come soon.


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  2. Boa tarde, The Flowers orchestra será possível arranjar.

    Muito obrigado
    Um grande abraço

  3. new upload, more permanent hopefully:

  4. I acquired this album with my dad in 1978 when I was in 9th grade. He bought it to show off a new stereo system. It became one of my favorite jazz albums and still is. Jacob's Tailor is amazing. I found this cool link on the Berklee archive site recently if you're interested in more on Jacob's Tailor.

    Excellent post. Thanks.

    1. I really love that track too. Thanks for the information!