Monday, 10 April 2017

(Belgian) Lilith from 1986


In the mass of bands with the same name, here is the information for this one-off.  Laid-back fusion with the inimitable European intelligence, sophistication, and style, again.

Side one is a bit simplistic, but the second features some really nice moments, note the gorgeous flute of Et Si (and if):

Of course the flautist / saxophonist is Steve Houben, who has played on some notable albums, perhaps the best known for the prog/fusion fan is 1974's Open Sky Unit.  I'm not familiar though with his solo albums, anyone with information please post.

The composition of Un Peu Triste appears to combine Ravel's whole tone impressionism with the soprano sax explorations of the highest caliber Euro-fusion:

According to the above page link, the compositions are by pianist Claudine Simon, who has no other LP to her credit.  Also, note that mixing and 'direction' credit is given to an old old friend, Michel Herr (his masterpiece recall was Good Buddies).  I posted his albums in response to a request some years back, somewhere in the comments section and I don't remember where, and am eternally grateful for the commentator who brought that artist and album to my attention!


  1. Many thanks to my friend for bringing this to my (our) attention...

  2. This is sounding great, thanks. Right away I checked Spotify and there's a ClaudineSimon/Lilith album called Eclaircie there, from 1991. I then googled and found this and her own site which doesn't have a discography, but does have this

  3. PS. So that went to show not everything is on Discogs yet... :)

  4. Julian, a request: Dørge/Becker/Carlsen Featuring Marilyn Mazur‎– Canoe

  5. here's a nice album I found in connection, Steve Houben and Strings:

  6. A very big Thank You to you and you friend for this one! :-)