Saturday, 29 April 2017

Briseño Hebe Carrasco y Flores in their Trip to [Visceral] Space in 1980

Another discovery from my friend, god bless him, but this time quite uneven, featuring two fabulous tracks including a sidelong epic on the second surface.  This is from Mexico, which made a surprising amount of good prog, I featured the Pegauro one before, BatizHumus, of course there is also Semanforash, etc. (meaning, I can't remember the other good ones, being of that age). The wikipedia page is disappointingly incomplete.  Of course these will all soon be banned behind the super duper wall, along with refugees in general, so take advantage of them now.

The other on is track A4:

Here the electric keys and warm vocalizing are highly reminiscent of the incomparable and occasionally prognificent Caetano Veloso or Toti Soler or perhaps Argentine Litto Nebbia's prog masterpiece El Vendedor de Promesas-- well may be that's going a bit too far there..

Here is some information, both RYM and discogs.

I'll leave the second side for your own personal trip to visceral space...