Monday, 17 April 2017

David Rosenstein's Hot Spots, from 1988

Sadly, it seems the last installment's brilliant Icarus flew too close to the sun with his wax wings, despite his father's warnings, and crashed on this album, which is merely or exactly as described, smooth jazz, of the kind I've reviled on this blog before.

Here compositional credits are attributed to David Bernbach, John Grunt, and William Bodil, with the orchestra conducted and arrangements by Rosenstein.  Note that the great Rainer Bruninghaus is on keyboards somewhere in here-- hard to tell.

Very little information on David here.

First Track:


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  2. Many thanks for this one and for Icarus. However, the link contains the Icarus release. Please fix, if possible, thanks in advance.

    1. wow! could I really have made such a stupid mistake?

    2. try this link: