Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Frank Ricotti in 1981's Vibes (Library)

Starting with what is surely one of my all-time favourite library records, in this next series I'll bring up some of my old favourites (i.e. not new rips), but hopefully there will be material new to you.  If not, please go ahead and throw in some requests in the comments section.

This artist's name is more famous I suppose for his involvement with Albuquerque which I talked about way back when (1971's First Wind).  At that time I bought the vinyl, which wasn't cheap, to rerip because an incomplete and scratchy mp3 was circulating, which drove me crazy.  At that time many years ago I don't think I mentioned what a great songwriter the latter was in his (unfortunately only 2) solo albums.  Anyone who hasn't heard those has no idea what fantastically warm and beautiful seventies songwriting he's missing (by using the male pronoun I know I'm not so much sexist as realistic about those who love fusion and prog, apologies to those who don't know their gender/don't have one, and have been legislated out of their bathrooms).  And in fact I can upload those if anyone asks, as well as the earlier collaboration.

But back to the matter at hand.  This library record called Vibes I have always thought has some beyond outstanding progressive moments, as you can ascertain from the polytonal dissonance of Claustrophobia:

If memory serves me well (actually it's the other way around now the majority of the time), there is a lot of filler on this album to get through. But also some real pearls.

Turning our attention now to Frank's discography, note that he performed in Hymas' Aspects of Paragonne (remember that one?), and that he had two albums called Jingles (a word I usually steer well clear from), around the same time as this one, followed by a slew of others in the 80s.  Anyone out there know if they are any good?  (Perhaps a comment from library master Mr.  (?) could be the order of the day here.)



    Incidentally I'm hitting a bit of a dry spell here, like many parts of Africa (ouch!), so if anyone can put up some requests, common or uncommon, I can try to see if I can fill some time with those... and don't worry if they're not 'rare'

  2. Any library LP is great...this is tremendous stuff, Julian. Many thanks!

  3. Yeah! New heroin for electric violin addicts like me, many thanks.

  4. Hey Julian,

    Thanks for the Ricotti.
    Would you consider sharing the Contact Trio - Contact and the Anne Linnet & Tears LPs?

  5. My personal Frank's favorite is the Themes TIM 1031.
    It has been composed by Ricotti in collaboration with Tony Hymas, Stan Sulzmann and Les Hurdle. Pretty funky and jazzy, from 1978.
    The Amphonic release also is good (AVF 007). It's from Ricotti only, it keeps the same funky trend, but with typical 80's influences and moods (it's from 1982).
    Give me a shout if you want to give them a try.

  6. I for one would be interested in hearing the First Wind, please.

  7. First Wind:

    And the Amphonic and Themes album for those curious:

  8. Thanks for this i always loved First Wind. I can uplooad a copy of Albuquerque´s We May Be Cattle, Riccottiand Ollie Halsall are on it. Just send an answer and i will post a link.
    Do you have a copy of Jackie King´s Skylight or of NDR Jazz Workshop '76 ( i would love to hear Wolfgang Dauner´s Der Urschrei)? Most wanted is Derwyn Holder though i know nobody posts a copy of it.

  9. Thanks for all the requests guys, these are all really great, perhaps some of them too great. Stay tuned all!

  10. I would like to see the Albuquerque "Cattle" album please

  11. albuquerque one (cattle)
    albuquerque stalking