Friday, 21 April 2017

Graziani 's a Dumane... a demain...

Highly in-demand French folk presumably dating from the early 70s, check the price of this baby here, it turns out this is an odd mix that intersperses a great deal of talk with the music.

The 'psych' folk of A Dumane:

From the blurb on the back:

A Dumane. C'est le croisement du texte et des synthetiseurs... C'est le carrefour d'un nationaliste corse et deux musiciens français... 

This one looks interesting too, anyone know it?

Many thanks again to the help of my friends, without whom this blog would be virtually and in reality impossible, for bringing these fascinating rarities to our attention...



  2. Wow what a great surprise this is! been wanting this one for quite sometime, thank you so much for sharing julian.

  3. Thanks so much! This blog is really nice and I appreciate you sharing all this fantastic music!