Friday, 7 April 2017

Noco Music with Engel, 1982

I went through the discography in detail in the past, here and here.  There is a bit of information there on the artists, more here I suppose.  Data on this release is here.

The preternaturally gorgeous track called Musik, similar to others on their masterpiece Evasion:

Obviously, I can upload the remainder of their oeuvre if desired.  I have them all (as LPs) now, perhaps some I've sold, no matter, the Rip Remains the Same.

For me the best album was the ST one from 1987 which has very little trace of the eighties in it, for as we know, in France the decade took a long time to arrive (perhaps because it landed at the notorious Charles de Gaulle airport).  I've listened to some tracks on that one hundreds of times, like La Descente du Rhin, or their dedication to Friedemann.


  1. With Roland Engel:

  2. what the heck I'll just upload them all so everything is one place: