Sunday, 4 June 2017

Back to David Friesen with 1979's Color Pool

On this first album from him the accompaniment includes David Coleman, Jr. on drums and Jerry Heldman on flute.  David himself in addition to playing bass, plays piano on some tracks and produced the whole.

An interesting introductory quotation for the traditionally jazz liner notes on the back (which were written by Mikal Gilmore, and present a bio of Friesen):

"The pool was filled with beautiful colors,and as the Lord dipped with the ladle to show me the brilliance of his creation, He said, ...  "Take from this pool, this spiritual substance... to fill the gift of music that I have given unto you... that you may go forth and show the glory of the Kingdom of God."

This album is more experimental than the others I've posted from him, as to be expected from the youthfulness of it.

Accessible is A5's Living Water piano tinkling:

More to come from him soon.