Wednesday, 7 June 2017

David Friesen and John Stowell in Storyteller, 1981

Getting a little tired of this guy?  Uh, well, this one, from 1981, is very Oregon-like and enjoyable with the adding of oboes and English Horn played by the great Paul McCandless resulting in tracks that are shapely and well formed.  If you love Oregon (count me in that set), you'll like this one.  In addition, Tom Harrell appears on some tracks on flugelhorn.

The new agey Spirit Lake:

A nice slice of intellectual chamber jazz.


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    1. new up

  2. Man, this is raw right here. I'm curious to know if you're into the Italian label Nuovo Repertorio Editoriale. Gianni Sposito was under the label in the 80s just making straight heat. Check out Gianni Sposito - Wood.
    Thanks champ

  3. intellectual chamber jazz.... I think you nailed it Julian! Many thanks.

  4. Another fine post,thank you Julian!