Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Le Théâtre Du Chêne Noir ‎– Miss Madona (EP) (FRA - 1973)

You may be familiar with Chêne Noir's other releases, two of which appeared on Mutant Sounds back in the day.  You can still find an in-depth description of the band there.

This EP, though, is pretty hard to find. Here are some comments from someone selling it (I've left comments in tact, so excuse the errors) ... It features "the dark, meditative bulky black mass of Le Chant du Cirque with piano, sax and haunted voices. Intense and beautiful at the same time, often considered as a prog band, this tune is just brilliant spiritual jazz. The flip side is also superb with Le Numéro De Miss Madonna probably one of the best avant / spirit jazz recorded in France."


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