Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Francis Monkman in 1978: Tempus Fugit, and many others...

When I was exploring the library music relating to space I was shocked to see there were some Francis Monkman albums I had missed out on, amongst them one entitled Tempus Fugit.  And it turned out to be quite something!

In fact, in the annus mirabilis of 1978 he made or perhaps contributed to no fewer than 5 records.
Do we remember who he was?  I actually had to look it up, I thought he was with one of those generic british early proggers, it was actually the prolific band Curved Air he was a member of, which was too commercially watered down for my taste, and I guess after they disbanded he got into the library music scene, how gratifying that must have been for him... at least it is for us now!!   At times he sounds like some watered down Lasry, and I think overall, he doesn't quite approach the variety that Hawkshaw was able to put forth in his library oeuvre... but he does come close here.

The astonishing composition called Daredevil (e.g. Evil Knevil, for those who remember!)

From Pictures, Slow Wave is simply stunning as a soft composition:

From Classical Concussion, check out the Sheer Release, like wow:

Of course the Island Universe from Predictions is very very Hawkshaw-like:

Oh how I miss so much that synthesizer sound that made one note alone sound like a whole orchestra, no, more even, a whole galaxy!

What the heck, I'll throw in all I have from him...

The Great Monkman on keys and guitar:


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    1. 1978
      Tempus Fugit:



      Pictures in the Mind:

      Contemporary Impact:

      Predictions Part 1:

      Predictions Part 2:

      Classical Concussion:


      Classical Odyssey



      Total twelve albums, phew. Thanks to all those kind and generous people who bought and ripped these, I'm sure there are many...
      Let me know if there's one I missed

    2. missing track 17 from auturbine

  2. Thanks to all involved for their time an work.


  3. Zounds! Great post. I had forgotten about Mr. Monkman. Thanks.

  4. Great stuff, thanks! BTW, Predictions - Part One is missing track #13 Hypercharge

    1. thanks for letting me know, really appreciate it:

  5. I learned about Monkman some years ago, when I was delving into John Williams’ great instrumental band, Sky. I finally found 5 albums of him, and liked three compositions of his work: ‘Release of energy’ (1979), ‘Taken’ (1980) and ‘Fury’ (1980). Greetings from Athens! Keep up the good work!

  6. This is amazing. Feels like Christmas :) Thank you!

  7. Hi,

    I think there is also a record named "Futurism" with Monkman and another guy "Paul Hart". The music is near of the records here,althought a bit more commercial !

  8. I think that's a compilation of energism and paul hart's futurism:

  9. Hi, I´m missing this one piece in the link below, which I´m not sure if it is from Monkman or Sky.

    Could you help, please? Thank you.