Sunday, 25 June 2017

Zipflo Reinhardt In The Light of the Future

Jazz violinist, born 21. November 1949 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, a descendant of Django Reinhardt.

This is without a doubt his fusionary masterpiece.  Here, the tenderness of The Domestic Fly surely reminds us of the great "French" violinist David Rose who I featured before, years ago:

How this relates to the arthropod that spits out its digestive enzymes onto food found on surfaces in order to liquefy and pre-digest it before sucking it up with its proboscis, thereby well deserving its title as a dirty animal, I don't know...

In his discography you'll see he made a couple of standard-issue jazz albums early on before jumping on that great fusion train later in the seventies.  I'll be bringing more from him at a later date.



    1. Sorry last track was chopped off in the conversion process, here is the complete version:

  2. paul hart futurism 1981