Monday, 5 June 2017

More Friesen and Stowell in 1980's Other Mansions

Artist involvement is quite sparse as can be seen by the release page here, in fact, the two men play all the instruments.  But it was a worthy purchase as it is without a doubt the best in the series, coming together quite nicely with the mix of acoustic ethnic elements, chamber instruments (Friesen on flute) and the Townerish guitar playing of Stowell. The other LPs of the collaboration were posted here, btw.  Friesen himself was quite prolific, in his solo discography there are numerous other LPs seemingly of interest.

For example, Brethren Ascending sounds like the best (acoustic pieces) from recently featured artists James Vincent or Don Mock:


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  2. Thanks. I've never heard this one.In the early 80's I was fortunate enough to see the Friesen/Stowell duo live...odd set-up though, as the loudspeakers were placed flush at the side walls in a smallish indoor amphitheater-like setting...the sound emanating from the edges was a massive distraction, though the playing itself was brilliant.