Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Fourmenonly (Herbert Joos), Michael Gibbs, Jim Hall, Volker Kriegel in the 1973 NDR Jazzworkshop

The number of luminaries here is quite astonishing as can be said by the tags next door to the right, but plus that, all of the following appear: Michael Naura, John Taylor, Peter Giger, Eberhard Weber, Stan Sulzmann, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, et al.  Think of how many of these artists, perhaps all of them, have appeared in some album or another featured on this blog!!

Herbert Joos and Fourmenonly have a track written by the former called Count Down. It's a free jazz piece and will appeal to those who have a taste for that inchoate genre.  Certainly the Daybreak album from his was a huge fan favourite here on this blog.

Michael Gibbs is one artist not previously mentioned whose work I've loved dearly due to its highly well written nature, particularly in Chrome Waterfall Orchestra and In the Public Interest.  Or let's not forget the formidable work Just Ahead from 1972's Mike Gibbs Band, an album I've listened to all my life and keep on discovering more beauty in.  (Unfortunately the other mid-70s album which was a homage to Shakespeare called Will's Power was quite disappointing for me).  (I can post all the Mike Gibbs albums if there's interest.)  He presents us here with three pieces, the first of which is the gorgeous Mother of the Dead Man by Carla Bley, which appeared earlier in the aforementioned live Just Ahead.  The other two are his own compositions called Just A Head [sic] and Fanfare, which first appeared in Tanglewood 63, not a bad album, though not comparable to the previously mentioned 70s masterpieces.

As usual, there is a throwaway jazz number which is the Jim Hall Group's Body and Soul interpretation, and equally as usual, I have to write the same comments about the sheer excruciating boringness of ordinary jazz standards, the nightmare of having to hear them millions of times in one's lifetime, like Paul McCartney's grotesque Yesterday, etc., etc.

Then this nice big thanksgiving dinner closes out with the beautiful Volker Kriegel group and a composition by Eberhard Weber called Electric Blue-- not quite as strong a dessert as one would have liked unfortunately, since it turns into a very mushy free-for-all improvisation after about the two minute mark-- making the proportion of written material to wanker material about 1 to 100.  And it's 18 minutes and 40 seconds long!!


A1 Fourmenonly - Count Down [Comp. by Herbert Joos]

Bass Clarinet, Flute – Wilfried Eichhorn
Drums, Flute – Rudi Theilmann
Engineer – Hans-Heinrich Breitkreuz
Piano, Flute – Helmut Zimmer

A2 Michael Gibbs Orchestra - Mother Of The Dead Man [by Carla Bley]

A3 Michael Gibbs Orchestra - Just A Head [by Mike Gibbs]

A4 Michael Gibbs Orchestra - Fanfare [by Mike Gibbs]

A2 to A4 Credits
Bass Guitar – Roy Babbington (tracks: A2 to A4)
Bass Trombone – Geoff Perkins (tracks: A2 to A4)
Concert Grand Piano – Dave MacRae (tracks: A2 to A4)
Conductor – Michael Gibbs (tracks: A2 to A4)
Drums – John Marshall (tracks: A2 to A4)
Engineer – Werner Münchmeyer (tracks: A2 to A4)
Piano, Organ – John Taylor (2) (tracks: A2 to A4)
Producer – Michael Naura
Production Manager – Karl-Heinz Schlüter
Saxophone, Flute – Brian Smith (tracks: A2 to A4), Ray Warleigh (tracks: A2 to A4), Stan Sulzmann (tracks: A2 to A4)
Trombone – Chris Pyne (tracks: A2 to A4)
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Henry Lowther (tracks: A2 to A4), Kenny Wheeler (tracks: A2 to A4)
Vibraphone, Percussion – Frank Ricotti (tracks: A2 to A4)
Vocals – Norma Winstone (tracks: A2 to A4)

B1 Jim Hall Workshop Group - Body And Soul [comp. by who cares?]
Bass – Red Mitchell
Drums – Daniel Humair
Engineer – Günter Simon
Guitar – Jim Hall

B2 Volker Kriegel Workshop Group - Electric Blue [comp. by Eberhard Weber]
Cello – Peter Warren
Bass – Eberhard Weber
Drums – Joe Nay
Engineer – Hans-Heinrich Breitkreuz
Guitar – Volker Kriegel
Percussion – Peter Giger
Piano – John Taylor (2)
Saxophone, Piccolo Flute – Stan Sulzmann
Violin – Zbigniew Seifert


  1. Hope you enjoy it

  2. What a fine gem and absolutely rarity you offer here.
    I often attended with these concerts here in Hamburg when Woody Herman, Modern Jazz Quartet, Pat Metheny and so many others came here, so many fine nice memories will come back to me when listenig to this recording.
    Thank's a lot, very much appreciated!

  3. Great! Many Thanks for this.
    I have a request, any chance to find this? :

    Thanks in advance

    1. here it is:

    2. Thanks a lot Julian, you're the undisputed king of the blogosphere!

  4. Excellent Julian, Thank you!
    The Hit Man samples sound pretty Kool too for a Library
    album so thanks for that also!

  5. Hey Julian, I'm looking for a singer/songwriter called Karen Alexander, her second album 'Voyager'. She's wrote the biggest hit 'Isn't it always love' of Karla Bonoff. I had the Voyager album on mp3 but a lot it. It's superb. I want to know if you can help to search and upload here. Thank you so much.

    1. I will check it and get back to you

    2. you are looking for upload of the album voyager, a new rip, or you already have it?

  6. Hey Julian this one looks interesting, do you have?

  7. Julian I had this album but I losted. Hope that you can find it for me, thanks you so much.

    1. ah ok, here it is

    2. Thank you very much, almost crying here.. So glad to hear her again. Thanks.

  8. Hi Julian,
    I would be very interested by listening to the Michael Gibbs "In the Public Interest". Could you post it ?


    2. Very special. No idea why this has never been reissued. Thanks for the vinyl rip, Julian!

  9. Woah! You're really the man for the job! Thank you so much!

  10. Hi Julian, Great music! Please,could you post the Just Ahead album from 1972? I can't find any link for it. Thanks!


    2. Thank you very much Julian, 'got both files! Great album indeed!

    3. Track 3 (So Long Gone) of disc2, is incomplete (2min.,should be 21). Do you have the same problem?

  11. Agradeço a postagem, Just Ahead e NDR Jazzworkshop, exelentes albums.