Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Last from Nuevos Aires: Del Otro Lado del Mundo

Naturally this album won't be as good as its predecessors, simply due to it emanating from the year 1991 (the year Guns 'n' Roses was eclipsed by Nirvana!), but for completeness finding it became a necessity, given the outrageous quality of the two others from Fernando Egozcue.  And again thanks to my S. American correspondent for his help in drawing my attention to this remarkable artist.

Out of respect for Mr. Egozcue and the generosity of my friend for both disinterring and ripping this little treasure, I'll just present to you the best track, B1's 500 Motivations, with its nod to King Crimson Frippian progressive guitarwork:

And let you all enjoy this one.


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  2. Julian, I missed this one due to an illness. The link is dead could you please reup it?

    Thanks, Stump

    1. no problem, new upload: