Wednesday, 22 November 2017

More Karen Lafferty with Life Pages from 1980

The next album after Sweet Communion sadly was a bit disappointing, as we get closer to the 80s, a frequent experience in the English countries (oddly enough not usually in continental Europa).
A blurb poem on the top of the back:

Every Life's a Story, every life's a song.
Some will end in glory, some never belong.
Everyone could write a book others could learn from
So won't you please listen to the stories in life's songs.

Here the music is just a little bit more generic and average to the point where we have little to hang on to most of the time throughout this 240 degrees rotation of an hour.  Perhaps, though arguably, the best song is called Aegean, and recalls the title track of the 1978 record:

And with that, we will close the good book on Karen and her kin...

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