Friday, 3 November 2017

More and even rarer from Renato Anselmi: 1988 Flower Library Album Antiche Civilta (i.e. civilizations)

A truly lost and shockingly progressive album from the famous unknown artist we presented second last post, Renato Anselmi (from Swiss Emphasis).  In places this reminds me most of Third Ear Band's masterpiece MacBeth, which I hope everyone is well familiar with (as well as the bloody 1972 movie by rapist Roman Polanski of which it's the OST), though the acoustic ethnic component is less in evidence here.  Despite this the blurb on the back actually says "A selection of music as played in the Roman [side a] and Greek Empires [side b]" which is a bit misleading since the advanced composition in parts could only have been accomplished by a very drunk and circused-up Roman, to my mind, exampli gratia, listen to the Hitchcockian Psycho opening to the Ides of March:

Another sample, videlicet the first track, gives you a sense of why the doom-laden dark music reminds me so much of the sonotractus to MacBeth:

Altogether a great and worthy addition to our library music libraries, and you can thank me for pulling this one off and allowing everyone a chance to hear more wonderful music from this maligned and neglected genre, at a cost that is not prohibitive, thankfully.

Sadly all compositions are quite brief, on the order of 2 minutes, so that with 14 we are left with barely a half an hour of music... too bad!

There's absolutely no doubt we can look forward to more music from this ne plus ultra musician in the future, & thanks Renato-- bitte Mr. Anselmi...

As well some more great library to come very shortly! Ergo everyone get excited...