Monday, 20 November 2017

Karen Lafferty's Bird in a Golden Sky from 1973

I introduced you to this Christian Singer Songwriter earlier with the great Sweet Communion record, this is the first solo album she made way back in 1973.  You get a good feel for the 70's-indebtedness of her songwriting style here, with all those beautiful 70s pop cliches we have heard so many times before.  But they are incredibly well done.  As might be expected this album is a bit more raw than Sweet Communion but still benefits from a remarkably adept production and arrangement.

The stunning song for Bobbi:

It's so nice how those strings carry the chords through, like big beautiful clouds following you down the countryside as you walk in a spirit full of joy.

Plenty of other goodies in here, in my opinion.
What a talented songwriter she was!  And such a beautiful voice.



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