Monday, 26 March 2018

1989 French Avant Garde or RIO band Nptolpqsivrt ‎in Malaise [review only]

This oddly named band made two releases in the later eighties. Check out the name of their trumpeter and composer!  They are basically a chamber orchestra that plays some perhaps improvised, perhaps composed modern classical music with that typical Rock in Opposition sound of slightly jazz-inflected bizarro tunes carried by brass soloists, all instrumental, along the lines of Art Zoyd or Univers Zero, or as my wife often says to me while listening to these LPs in the car, "why does your music have to be weird?"  To those who don't understand, of course, there will never be appreciation, like Einstein's general theory of relativity understood when it came out by only a few people in the world (and even Einstein himself didn't know how to solve his equations except in a few simplified cases.)

A representative and somewhat approachable track is called Massacre by fingernail file:

And other song titles are equally amusing; note in particular there are 3 separate and differing compositions called Malaise.  For example, here's the second one:

And thus we endeavor to understand these Einsteinian musicians and their very odd relativity with the human corpus of musical art.


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