Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Ian Carr's Nucleus in Awakening / Live at the Theaterhaus by request

Hope this is what was being requested.  Let me know if not.  I included this 1980 release which subsequently came out as CD with bonus tracks including part of the other album.

In my opinion this doesn't have the same wildness as the 70s work and the tracks are really overlong.
But it's still worth hearing as indeed is everything they produced.


  1. 1980


  2. Thank you Julian, and a request:

    Günter Lenz Springtime ‎– Znel

  3. thanks! i didn't have that one!

  4. Thanks so much Julian! This not only filled in the two missing (for me) tracks from Live at the Theaterhaus but also a track I was missing from Awakening titled You Can't Be Serious-You Must Be Joking. Excellent post!