Saturday, 24 March 2018

Puzzlepie "Now", side 2, from 1989 Germany

Now I once again must give thanks to the generous friends who are willing to explore the musical universe out to the farthest depths of temporal and stackable space for these LP finds and their acoustic treasures that few can understand but whose value is absolutely boundless to those very few.

This is clearly an unknown entity as evidenced by the fact the usually haughty rateyourmusic cognoscenti are almost completely unaware (with the exception of one progressive champion), at least to this day, because you can bet that from now on this will change.

Side one is completely generic and conventional in songwriting, all over the place too, commercial oriented to a slight extent, but even so, not even enjoyable in the automaticity of the songwriting.  Suddenly all this changes when you flip over the vinyl and are treated to one of those side-long excursions into musical creativity that was a hallmark of progressive music in the golden age of rock with a mix of song, hammond organ chords, fusion, chamber music flute, electric guitar riffery, and an endless series of ingenious ideas, recalling mostly my pnf discovery from long ago Zauberfinger in its aptly named schizzo-rock.  At my count there are at least 8 different songs here that have been perfectly melded together in the most cohesive and naturally flowing way.  It has the wonderful title of "Twilight in Spin" and the refrain as I understand it is: "Meet me on the river Styx."

For this reason I won't bother to include a whole album here, just the magnificent side 2 which I urge you to put at the top of your playlist, pronto.... and thanks again to those friends who find these things hidden so far away from us...

Credits here, note the music is written by Stefan Karpati with the wonderful singer his wife Sibylle.
Unfortunately this is all they did.



  2. Why don't you let us decide if Side 1 is garbage?
    Thanks anyway!

  3. Copyright issue? Just curious. thx.