Friday, 2 March 2018

Kathryn Moses Part 2: 1979's Music in my Heart [limited time]

A flautist who appeared with Ted Moses in his quintet and moreover presumably was married to him, I brought you her first work 48 hours ago.  (Oddly enough, she wasn't in Ted's 1978 record that I posted way back when on these pages.)  I mentioned then her propensity to start a track with what sounds like a university compositional exercise before moving on to a more completely commercial offering.  On Youtube you can hear the delicate, modern classical operatically sung start to the title track, which after only one minute (!) degenerates into by the numbers scatty jazz.

On the other hand a track which sounds completely lifted from a Ted Moses album (as I said last time, this composition is by her, despite the fact Ted wrote identically sounding music for his own albums) is called Should be ancient history:

Otherwise we are again dealing with a mixed bag situation here, as is so often the case with these 'unknown' artists, with some commercial pandering, some lovely harp work on the last track, some tasteful arrangements, and some very TV-friendly flute diddling (on the first track).

I would like to draw your attention as well to a wonderful song that really got under my skin, called Love to See Your Smile, which really was worthy of becoming a hit on AM radio back in the day:

It's commercial too, but so adorably sweet.