Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Tribute (Sweden) with 4 albums from 1984 - 1990 by request [limited time]

Requested by Jay, information here.


  1. New Views (1984):

    Breaking Barriers (1986):

    Live (1986):

    Terra Incognita (1990):

  2. Thanks Julian, great post! BTW I've been looking for Ian Carr's Nucleus* ‎– Live At The Theaterhaus ( I already have the compilation "Awakening / Live At The Theaterhaus" but its missing two tracks from the 2nd LP and I can't even find those two tracks anywhere else either, hoping you can help!

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    2. Destroyer1985 I had already found and downloaded that one, unfortunately its merely the three tracks lifted from the compilation "Awakening / Live At The Theaterhaus"... nice but incomplete. :(

  3. yahoo!

    thanks, quite amazing. I wish my computer did not need a clonic.

    I will move these to external ASAP>

    I have a hint for you I think you might like:

    Mitsoura ‎– Mitsoura ( I admit, I put it up at the frog.)

    But check out this obscure label: was following the thread of guitarist Gábor Juhász, man there is a lot here!