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Guatemalan Alux Nahual in 1981, 1982, and 1984

From discogs;

Alux Nahual is a rock group, formed in Guatemala. Its importance in the Central American region has allowed it to be known as a musical proposal, a cultural reference throughout the isthmus. The band was formed in 1979. It was founded by Álvaro Aguilar (acoustic guitar), who accompanied by his brother Plubio (bass) and his cousin Ranferí (electric guitar and acoustic) begin to perform at a small cafe bar in the city from Guatemala. They were integrated to the band Javier Flores (drums), Paulo Alvarado (cello) and Jack Schuster (violin). In their beginnings they played compositions of other bands of the time, like Kansas, Led Zeppelin and Toto, in addition to original proposals with a base of symphonic and progressive rock, with influence of the group of Dutch progressive rock Focus in the melody Bar Rocko Intro Passacaglia Maestosa. 

After a couple of years Flores retires and they contact the drummer Pablo Mayorga while the brother of Ranferí, Orlando, who also plays drums, joins Alux. For some years they played with two drummers, something unusual in a rock band. The prestige of the band rose quickly, and in 1981 they manage to record their first record production under the DIDECA record label. This first production was the one that opened the doors to the national rock in the radios. At that time there was no knowledge about the movement of rock in Spanish that occurred in Argentina and other places in America, so Alux Nahual became the first commercially recognized band, rock in Spanish in Central America.

Sample from the second album:

El Mensaje del Mago.

Influences are exactly as mentioned, though I would add this is very typical South-Central American folk sympho-prog, with mixed acoustic and electric passages and very very light progressiveness, far less than a comparable band (in sound) we all know with initials MIA.

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