Monday, 4 June 2018

Honma Express in You See I from 1980 Japan

A fantastic cover again.  Clean, inventive and modern.  Love it.

This album is mostly light fusion, electronic elements, pop songs, some library aspects to it, and some simplicity that is a bit gratuitous, however, there are also strong and well-written songs here and there.  The tracklist gives you an idea of the craziness on tap from this one-off band, named after Kenji Honma (is it a one-man band work too?)

Unit Cohesion Index
What The Magic Is To Try
Fata Morgana
Crazy Dream
Child Of Fortune
Idle Curiosity (with the voice synthesizer or vocoder was it called)

Notice the National Health-like introduction to Crazy Dream which unfortunately quickly reverts to straightforward library synth-fusion:

A really nice record, enjoyable for a few listens, and I'm very grateful for this discovery to my friend...



  2. The Library Synth-Fusion Appreciation Society says Thank You!