Friday, 29 June 2018

Some leftover Mini Jazz Klubs: another Jazz Q (#25), and Bohemia (#19)

I guess the lesson here is that Martin Kratochvil had the Midas touch, with everything he released just golden. When I searched through all the MJKs to see what was remaining in the fusion dept that might be worth hearing I came across this hidden number 25.  We had to extract the files from youtube, where some wonderful fan uploaded them, to make them available for consumption for you, but boy was it worth the effort.  (Recall they made the fantastic 5 one too, with the starry constellation composition.)  Side one features an outstanding fusion composition with all the hallmarks of Martin's style, the unison electric guitar and synthesizer playing the melody, the classical-inspired patterns, the drama of buildups and intensity increases to an ostinato on electric piano, the brilliantly imaginative chords that bridge the intro to the main body (at the 43 sec mark), I could go on forever:

Like, wow....

Turning our attention to Bohemia, their (only) MJK also featured two wonderful instrumental fusion tracks, which luckily were included, along with some singles, on the CD release of the well-known Zrnko album that I'm sure everyone out there already has heard.

In terms of well-known groups in MJK still outstanding as well is the Jazz Celula installment... you'll be hearing that one soon too.  I posted some of their albums here and here way back in November 2016.


  1. Bohemia with their MJK 19:

    Martina Kratochvila [sic] in Mini Jazz Klub 25 (phenomenal):

  2. Julian, just love your MJK instalments and their add ons, such great music, too beautiful to be forgotten