Monday, 18 June 2018

Mini Jazz Klub 28, 1980 (Quintetto di Giorgio Gaslini)

Italian composer Giorgio Gaslini has a huge output as you can see, and moreover he is blessed with a wikipedia page.  I'd be curious to know if there is something worth hearing somewhere in that stuff.  On the other hand his quintet didn't make too much, this Mini Jazz Klub its first production being a bit stuck in the trad. jazz territory versus fusion I found a slight bit disappointing.  The last track, Praga Song:



  2. Gaslini is a great Italian jazz musician with a giant discography, for your tastes I would advise you mainly the soundtracks (he is also the mind behind the music of "Profondo Rosso" by Goblin, to say)
    Among the discs I know:
    - Fabbrica Occupata (with Jean Luc Ponty, more free jazz oriented)
    - Colloquio con Malcom X (a jazz "opera" with long recited inserts in Italian language)
    - Murales (in quartet with Andrea Centazzo, I recommend this to you :-)

    others people will help you better than me

    cheers :-)

    1. Hey thanks for the recommendations-- how r things over there in Italy-- better or worse than before lol

    2. mmhhh.....i think that usually in italy when you understand how things are going, it's too late

      Jokes aside, here (thanx to the great Inconstant Sol) you can taste "Murales" :