Saturday, 16 June 2018

Jumping to 1980: Formace JQ in Mini Jazz Klub 27

An amazing little gem by a band who seemingly never made anything else, unfortunately.  This came relatively late in the series but is squarely in the synth-library and fusion territory of the mid-70s.

The songs are all named after famous astronomers and the opener on the topic of Galileo is just so hugely enjoyable:

It reminds me a bit of the library work of Oscar Rocchi, whose work we featured before in his involvement as the Modern Sound Quartet.



    Missing (lp) track from Anima Kilgore, not included in the CD in other words, kudos to the one who noticed this omission:

    Btw this track is interesting bec it features Knudsen's style in the previous solo work called Anima

    Unfortunately I have to delete the Anima/Kundsen links this week, so hurry on those.

  2. respect for you sir!!!!thanks