Saturday, 30 June 2018

Mini Jazz Klub 16: Jazz Half Sextet from 1978

Now here's a real gem that just completely took my by surprise.  The band, who made nothing else in this incarnation, is clearly led by one Viktor Kotrubenko.  I have to wonder if that entry is incomplete given the strength of the 4 compositions with which he is credited here.

The astonishing library lightness and ingenious composition of track b2, Balada O Rosničce, Aneb Když Jsem Šel Zalévat Zahrádku:

And apologies for the skip. Jane Koubkova handling the graceful vocals there.
The remainder is just as good as that sample above, trust me, with the exception of the last throwaway, a dumb standard by Th. Monk, the dumbest he wrote actually (Straight No Chaser).  Because he did write some great songs.  Amazing how the dumbest standards are always the most popular ones, in jazz.  Which, I guess, explains why this blog will never be popular.



  2. Thanx a lot ! Do you have any records from that stuff from 60's ?