Tuesday, 3 July 2018

More Jun Fukamachi and probably the last one, this time for real: the rare 1982 Soundtrack to "Die Frau Mit Dem Roten Hut"

Sadly with this album I will have to close the book on the wonderful discography of Jun, who has given me, and hopefully you, so much pleasure in the last few months discovering his lost works.

From our wonderful resource the imdb,

In 1923 a Japanese comes to Munich and immediately falls in love with a street artist with a red hat, without knowing her past is. She turns to the Japanese, for the first time she thinks she has found her really great love- exotic strangers attract her. They say a lot, but they do not understand each other - but they can show their love. Nevertheless, the relationship is doomed to failure from the beginning. Disappointment, death and loss.

Not enough info in the synopsis to tell us the quality.

Clearly B1 競輪選手の死 whatever it's called introduces some really progressive composing:

The closing theme is just lovely--
Remember those days when soundtracks could have genuinely great music on a par with the best albums, not filled with has-been hits, facile radio pop songs, or generic symphonic orchestral garbage?


  1. https://www60.zippyshare.com/v/K1BXr33e/file.html
    and Happy Independence Day tomorrow

  2. hi there

    i just happened 2 get here cuz i can't get enough of Fukamachi and a saurceful of gems were in this place.

    impressive page indeed, i'll get a closer look whenever i can...

    i saw a nito mestre and madre atomica album here... is that all u know from argh!entina?

    cheers and thanx always

    1. here I try to focus entirely on rare material most people would never have heard (or certainly I never heard before) so of course I don't post the common artists and albums from Argentina...

  3. i think the comment i wrote a few hours ago didn't click

    anyway, is there a mail account or any other means or making u a request, mr. Julian?

  4. post it as a comment and if you want I won't publish it

  5. well actually it's a broad request

    the daisy chain rip is yours or you found it on the web?

    do you know where can i find other fukamachi titles i've had trouble with, as at the steinway take2??

    and the ost for the movie Keiko...

    thanx anyway, this blog ROCKS

    1. daisy chain and this ost are new rips, yes, they were not available previously digitally / online-- so far as I know!
      at the steinway I'm not too interested in (if it's something interesting I don't mind buying the record)

  6. Nice music, I love OST and couldn't agree more with your comment ("Remember those days when soundtracks..."), especially when you mention "generic symphonic orchestral garbage" :D
    Not my favorite work from Jun Fukamachi but an enjoyable one.

    Anyway thank you very much Julian for sharing this album, very nice !