Monday, 23 July 2018

Gabriel Jonáš, Karel Růžička and Emil Viklický ‎in Klávesová Konkláva from 1978

I love the overdoing of the accents, like those millennial females who go overboard with the caked on makeup and thick brown painted eyebrows...  Not sure if y'all are sick of the slavova fusionova and jazzova, definitely I'm gettin' there, but here's some more (maybe return next post when I will give you a totally different taste).

In the course of hunting down the Vikliky oeuvre I encountered this rarity which looked promising, especially when one recalls the magnificence of the Gruntz Klavier Conclaves (not to mention the American version with the many hands...)

Here's Bubliny:

Perhaps not the ideal quality for these pages, especially after mentioning Gruntz, but oh well, this is how we learn what's worthy: one piece of 12 inches at a time.