Thursday, 19 July 2018

Ken Narita's First Album from 1971


So thanks to our friend PR for covering my holidays as a locum-- I appreciated the respite from the chores of posting, and let it be said most of my summer is still unfortunately spent babysitting young children who are still not yet, thanks be to god, addicted to social media and the internet in general plus texting on their phones.  Yes, let it be said there is much to recommend the innocence of childhood-- by innocence I mean unexposed to the uber-idiotic youtube that is.  And I suppose I have some of that childhood spirit too since I wish said summer holiday would last much much longer, without the intrusion of electronics.  PR? Not in the Cape again are you?

As I mentioned before in relation to his 1972 album, this one is not quite as strong, but still pleasant in the usual early 70s SSW Japanese style (as in the early Fukamachi I posted).  Note it's not recorded in the database.



  2. I'm sure we won't mind if you ease up on posting so often, over the holidays. Make the most of the little ones while they're young. Create memories for them. They will thank you once they get past the awkward teenage stage.