Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Whiplash's Getting to Know Us from 1980, USA

As the fortune teller predicted, we now switch away from the jazz and fusion of the past summer to return to our roots, US-style prog along the lines of Ariel - Perspectives, Spaces - Border Station, Jester, or the much beloved Canadian Machines have Landed, etc.

But similar to the case with Luna Sea where side a was more simplistic and commercialized and side b more driven in the progressive fusion direction, we really have just half an album here.  For those looking for the wonderful banging of a rock rhythm section and dying again for the electric excitement of amplified guitars, this is anyways a blissful change.  Consider the last part of Fugitive (A Suite in Three Movements):

Pretty good, right?

The information here suggests the band only made this LP, not so surprisingly.  Checking the credits on the verso scan makes it clear the other entry in the discogs database is a mistake.



    new up Cassidy from April 2017:

  2. excellent post, once more a big thanks!

  3. Hi Thank you very much Julian,
    Yes, a very innovative prog fusion indeed !