Friday, 27 July 2018

Back to Swiss Sisyphos with their long-awaited first album, Way to Express, from 1980

I reviewed these Swiss prog rockers before.  They are most notable for the fact they continued producing records from this original one in 1981 all the way down to the present day, with apparently the same lineup, albeit making use of a great deal of recycling.

The instrumental opening of A Rebel is Not the Devil, despite one annoying skip, is simply superb:

As before some of the harder rocking bluesier tracks are a little paint-by-numbers in the hair metal style with the commonest electric guitar cliches of solos.  Still, there are enough oddball chord changes and unique licks to make this quite an enjoyably spent 2/3 of an hour.  As Caesar would have approved: "Rockituri te salutant!"



  2. Hi
    Thank you Julian,
    An exceptional rarity of course !