Friday, 22 June 2018

More from Jazz Fragment: Dama se Psen / In Pivo Veritas from 1983

Disappointingly to me the A side of this little release Dáma Se Psem is a circle of fifths affair from the tonic minor up to its 4th (think A minor to D7, in this case up a semitone) altho since the name signifies Lady with Dog I suppose the tiresome persistence of the chord sequence is justifiable, at least for a canine, but not necessarily for a progressive fan.

Turning our attention now to the other side of the moon, thanks to The Great Google we learn that side B's Pivo = Czech for beer, and here we have a little less to hold onto compared to before, although I like the buildup in intensity and modulated chord changes leading to the end-- perhaps testament to the pressure of my bored impatience:

And of course every time I drive to work and get cut off by some idiot turning right in front who can't wait 2 seconds for me to drive past them even though I'm speeding myself I'm reminded of how impatient the whole world has become thanks to our wonderful 'smart' phones, google, so-called social media, everything in our 'modern' life that trends towards a frantic apocalypse of falling off the cliff: and this time it will be everyone not just the Romans & their 'empire' but hey, at least the collapse will 'go viral', right? ...

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